♥♥♥ Hello ♥♥♥
My face
My art


Background art by Goatpox!
A new character maybe? I’ll try to draw more of her later~
Woooooo I did a draw~
Faux belongs to Rose!
Been meaning to draw Joel as a lady for such a long time!
Monster-Joel! He’s like a big dumb dog but even bigger~

quick/messy sketches


A pretty good year I think

God, has been too long since I last painted anything
Character belongs to http://gullacassii.tumblr.com !

Drew this for Faux’s 1000-follower art contest and got $35 for it! I had so much fun drawing this thing, the vague, almost abstract background, the seasonal colors, the composition, it was definitely one of the more enjoyable pieces I’ve drawn this quarter c:
Smiling like an idiot 24/7


Spending the weekend drawing things for myself~

We grunge now

New inking brush at work

Thus, I had so long suffered in this quest,Heard failure prophesied so oft, been writSo many times among “The Band”—-to wit,The knights who to the Dark Tower’s search addressedTheir steps—-that just to fail as they, seemed best,And all the doubt was now—-should I be fit?

Evening reblog!

One of the quick ink wash studies I did while hiking.